Reasons To Love A Granny Flat

There are more than a few great reasons to consider a granny flat, especially if you take the time to really look at the cost of this structure on an existing property over the cost of moving into a larger home. Not only can you focus on creating a beautiful structure suited to your unique needs but you can drop the price of adding liveable space to your property by a dramatic margin, especially in today’s property market. The more you do to investigate the many benefits, the more obvious it may become that a granny flat is the absolute best option for anyone looking to expand and otherwise improve his or her property.

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The investment that you put into granny flats in WA will completely pay itself off in just five to seven years, meaning that you should see your beautiful new structure completed and then completely owned by you in a significantly shorter time compared to a new home. These structures are built according to strict industry standards and by highly skilled professionals. You should quickly begin to easily notice the many benefits and money savings over time. No matter how you use the additional space, the investment could help you to significantly increase your income whether you rent it out to a tenant or utilise it as a home office.


If you let your property to a tenant, you immediately see the large majority of your investment returned in a much faster period of time. Granny flats offer you the space you need as a person looking to build his or her income over time. This type of property is ideal for a student searching for affordable living during university years and elderly couples looking for a simple way of living out the latter years of their lives before they move into a retirement community.


The valuation of your property can only increase by constructing a granny flat onto it because they are exceptionally valued by potential buyers. These are structures that last for many years and they are expertly built to strict standards so that the space may be used for absolutely anything. If you want to expand your home while adding dramatically to its value, this is one cost-effective option that will not only improve the beauty and attraction of your home but it should make your liveable space more enjoyable for all.


It may be that you simply need to add more space to your property but lack the type of capital needed to construct an extension to the property or move to a new location. Granny flats are a great way to add a couple new rooms along with any important appliances and even a toilet so that you may enjoy all the liveable space that you need. If you are currently about to bring a new family member into the household and need a place for your teenager or if you have elderly parents who need a place to live that is close to home, this is a cost-effective method of providing the space that you require for any type of purpose.

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